A postage stamp issued by the Israel Post in 2013, on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Ghetto Uprising in Warsaw


The stamp reads “Flags over the Ghetto” and the figure of a ŻZW fighter hanging the white and red Polish flag and the white and blue flag of the State of Israel (from October 1948). At the beginning of the Ghetto Uprising on the19th or 20th April 1943 on the building on Muranowska Street (probably Muranowska 7 - 9, the building no longer exists), apart from the Polish white and red flag, the Jewish fighters hung the white-and-blue flag which was the flag of the Jewish Military Union. Both flags flew at least until April 22nd, 1943. Their presence was confirmed by accounts of both Jewish insurgents (Dawid Wdowiński) and the recollections of Poles (Władysław Bartoszewski). That there was a command to remove two flags, is also mentioned by the Commander of the SS and police responsible for suppressing the Ghetto Uprising, General Jürgen Stroop.


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